Nutrition And Weight Consultancy Program

Yoga promotes living a healthy lifestyle and cooking dishes from scratch has always been an exciting venture for me. It is my mother that taught me to cook using Ayurvedic methods, Indian fresh and dry spices and the best cooking method to release the spice’s active ingredients to help maintain health and weight.

Studying Nutrition and Weight Consultancy has equipped me with further knowledge and the professional expertise to provide advice to those seeking to loose weight, adopt a more healthier lifestyle or just want to try out a detox diet.

A 60 minute consultation will ensure plenty of time for me to assess your medical history and lifestyle. Using evidence-based nutrition and weight management, I will provide advice and support. We will work together to devise and set goals that are achievable and realistic to help you make positive steps towards fulfilling your goal/aim.

I can also provide advice on detox diets which can help to eliminate toxins from your body to help overall health, weight loss and to maintain a strong immune system.

Additional advice can be provided on the Indian diet which is rich in nutritious foods like grains, lentils, healthy fats, Indian vegetables, fresh fruit, and the appropriate use of meat and oily fish.

Nutrition and Weight Consultancy Program : 60 mins – £35