Aromatherapy/Classic Full Body Massage

I will use a blend of pure, essential oils tailored to your specific needs. Using light to moderate massage strokes to help you unwind and relax. The oils when inhaled and absorbed into the skin takes your relaxation experience to a much deeper level.

  • 30 mins - £30
  • 60 mins - £45
  • 90 mins - £60
  • 120 mins - £75

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage with Reiki Healing

After a massage, your body would feel so relaxed and comfortable, that you would be able access the Reiki treatment with total ease. The Reiki energy would flow much quicker and would work on a deeper level, helping to release old emotions that can be linked to diseases. This would result in better sleep, inner peace and improved strength.

  • 80 mins - £55

Deep Tissue Full Body Massage

A deep, pain relieving massage using more forceful massage strokes to target deep muscle layers, tissues and unknot muscle tension. Techniques include the use of hands, fists, elbows and forearms. The pressure will always be within your tolerance threshold. A particular useful massage if you do sports which put a lot of strain on your muscles.

  • 30 mins - £35
  • 60 mins - £50
  • 90 mins - £70
  • 120 mins - £80

Back Massage

A unique stress, tension and pain relieving massage focussing on the neck, shoulder and back.

  • 30 mins - £30

A unique stress, tension and pain relieving massage focussing on the neck, shoulder and back.

  • 30 mins - £30

Massage for couples

  • 30 mins £25 - 60 mins £40/45 (depending on the massage)

Combination treatments available for the same price (for example a 90 min massage can include 45 mins of massage, 25 mins of reflexology & 20 mins head).

Head Massage

A massage for the head, neck, shoulders and lesser extend of the face to boost blood flow, relieve tension and make you feel completely relaxed. The treatment focuses on massaging acupressure points using circular massage strokes and tapping which can also improve hair and scalp condition.

  • 30 mins - £25


Foot reflexology is a method for massaging the feet, which aims to benefit the entire body. It can be done seated or while lying down. According to reflexology, each area of the foot corresponds to a part of the human body, and by massaging that area, it will impact the corresponding body part. Reflexology is ideal if you are lacking energy, are stressed and you want to reconnect with your body.

  • 30 mins - £25
  • 60 mins - £35