Aromatherapy With Reiki Healing

Aromatherapy uses a series of massage strokes to help with aches, pains, release stress and tension, increase blood circulation and boost the immune system. Essential oils are selected for their therapeutic properties.

After a massage, your body would be so relaxed and comfortable, that you would be able access the Reiki treatment with total ease. The Reiki energy would flow much quicker and would work on a deeper level, helping to release old emotions that can be linked to diseases. This would result in better sleep, inner peace and improved strength.

Reiki will also help to relieve the pain and the combined treatment will mean you recover more quickly.  A very popular treatment. A must try!!

Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage with Reiki Spiritual Healing :
                                                                           45 mins - £40

Full Body Massage with Reiki Spiritual Healing : 70 mins - £55 (includes 50 mins massage and 20 mins reiki)   WOMEN ONLY

(includes scalp, neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs, hands and feet)