About AJ


Her cultural and practical interest in Yoga began in 1994 but it was 14 years ago when she took her first steps on a path of positive transformation, became a vegetarian, and started on a more dedicated yoga orientated lifestyle.

During this period she experienced some very unusual spiritual problems, became a single mother, but at the same time, taking her mother’s advice, discovered the healing power of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic massage and Reiki Spiritual Healing.

These spiritual practices played a fundamental part in her recovery. It gave her insights and experiences beyond the imagination and also a deep understanding as to why these practices are there in the first place.

She was determined to help others and share her knowledge through teaching. She qualified in these same therapies that supported her through her greatest difficulties. Understanding and listening to herself on a deeper level, with the daily practice of yoga, meditation and prayer, has now become an integral part of her life.


She embarked on a professional training course in Reiki in 2006 and Yoga in 2011 with a well-established Yoga Master and Doctor of Alternative Medicine, in Kerala, South India. After obtaining her Reiki Master/Teacher qualification in 2010 she undertook two additional courses in Karuna Reiki 1 and 2. She is a professional member of the Complimentary & Natural Health Care Council (CNHC) for Reiki.

Kerala, her heritage, is renowned for its Yoga practices and is the birthplace of Ayurveda (one of the world’s oldest whole-body healing systems). It is also the place of origin of the enlightened Hatha Yoga teacher, Sree Narayana Guru.

She holds a Level 4 Diploma (highest level of yoga teacher training available in the UK) in Traditional Hatha Yoga (obtained a distinction). The Level 4 allows her to teach one-to-one and a wide variety of capabilities, capacities and experiences. She is a professional member of the Independent Yoga Network.

She is also qualified in Level 3 Diploma in Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation (distinction). This covers the Japanese Zen, Chinese Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Energy Dance and Yin Yoga.

She also has a Level 3 Diploma in Nutrition & Weight Consultancy (distinction) all from the British School of Yoga. She holds additional qualifications in Aromatherapy and Aromatouch Massage using essential oils. Continuing her passion for learning she is currently studying Advanced Aromatherapy (Level 4 Diploma) and Reflexology (Level 3 Diploma).



Her mission is to help others engage in spiritual practices helping them to persevere through difficult and stressful times.

Or just to act as a guide along their spiritual life journey, instilling confidence, strength and happiness.



As a top law graduate and winner of the John North Law Prize (Best Student Award), who subsequently had a long spanning career with the Metropolitan Police, she developed her logical thinking mind.
Her negative life experiences and subsequent spiritual education helped to develop her positive way of thinking and change in career.



Her parents came to Britain from Kerala in South India to earn a better living. Growing up in a council flat her parents instilled into her (and her two brothers) the importance of being a good person, having a good education and giving something back to this country. Her main focus has always been on the upbringing and education of her two children (daughter graduated with an excellent Economics degree and is now working for a top investment bank, and son is an undergraduate studying Bio Medicine).


Aji has found her practice of Seva (Sanskrit word meaning selfless service), helped her to forget her own troubles over the past 20 years. She was elected as Parent Governor and appointed Chair to the Parent Teacher Association at her children’s school and she has helped to raise hundreds of pounds for the wellbeing of the school children.

She actively spent quality one to one time with young children, helping them make progress with their schoolwork and rejoicing together with them when they did well, helped her to put aside her own personal problems.

She is continuing the same love and care during this current Covid 19 pandemic. She provides telephone guidance for the elderly and for people who are lonely and needing to stay at home, continuing her Seva as an NHS volunteer. She also provided free yoga and meditation classes to help people deal with the challenges presented by the pandemic.

Happy Clients

Zehra M – One to one Yoga/Meditation Zoom Client

I decided to join a zoom yoga session and working out from home. Aji designed a one to one yoga zoom session which I found very useful. The bespoke session allowed her to provide personal attention and guided me through the adjustments. We focussed on basic postures, breathing and meditation and overall a brilliantly guided practice. Aji is an expert yoga teacher and instantly made me feel at ease. Our session lasted longer than scheduled mainly because I was asking so many questions! I have had 3 private zoom sessions and look forward to my next session. She also provided advice on suitable clothing and yoga aids. Thanks a lot Aji I find it a lot easier to smile now.

Houda – Private Yoga/Meditation Zoom Client

Since I took the first yoga session with Aji some incredible blessings came my way. Things I have been chasing for months with no success now come towards me effortlessly and repeatedly. Beautiful things come to me straight after each session. These sessions are magical.
My son and friends started noticing how content and calm I have become since I committed to a weekly Yoga and Meditation Zoom practice with the lovely Aji. I feel so blessed. I love and appreciate you a lot.

Rob K – Private Yoga and Zoom Client

During these unprecedented times of lockdown and tier systems I have been taking part in Zoom yoga classes run by Aj.
Aj has designed classes for mixed ability participants to keep fit in mind and body, while interacting with the other yogis to prevent feelings of isolation.
My general fitness and flexibility has improved greatly with every class. I have made new Zoom friends who I hope to meet in person when we are free from covid.
A big thank you to Aj for running these classes and looking after our health.

Janice B – Private Yoga and Meditation Zoom Client

Having experienced Yoga sessions with Aji as a private client, at the leisure centre and outdoors during the first lockdown, I was interested to see how Zoom classes would work. I am happy to say they are amazing. During the 2 hour sessions we have learnt many new breathing techniques such as the Ujjayi. This allows me to deepen my poses, yoga and meditation practice. Aji explains new asana’s in great detail and takes care to observe us closely on a one to one basis. This is impossible to do in person during Covid with social distancing.
Aji’s shavasana is a wonderful combination of visualisation and meditation enhanced with the relaxing vibrations of a Tibetan singing bowl. Aji’s positive attitude, enthusiasm and knowledge radiates through our laptops and brings great joy and routine to these challenging times. The classes have helped us come together through a shared interest with the added bonus of making new friends.

JeejiBai – Private Therapeutic Massage/Reiki Client

After a fall I couldn’t go out for massages which I usually do and then a friend recommended Aji as she carries out home visits and has an excellent reputation. Aji was very professional and arrived with the massage bed and all the essentials. I had everything at home and a first class service from Aji without leaving my front door. What is more important is all the pre questions she asks before she starts the massage which was very reassuring for me. I would highly recommend Aji for home visits for your massage.

Ajitha V – Private Therapeutic Massage and Reiki Client

My daughter and I booked for a full body massage with reiki healing as a special treat. I wanted the ambiance, attention to detail and the feeling of being completely relaxed and pampered and that’s exactly what we got.
I was pleasantly surprised at the well presented treatment room, the warm feeling and welcome we got from Aji. The treatment was superb with full attention to detail. She explained each process and I was at ease, I even fell asleep for a while. Aji definitely has healing hands and they are so warm!!! I would recommend Aji.

Mumtaz Ali – Private Yoga and Meditation Client

I would like to write a review regarding my Yoga Teacher, Aji. I attend one to one private yoga and meditation sessions in her therapy/yoga studio every week since sept.
It really is the best experience I have had and the personalised yoga classes are really benefitting my overall health and wellbeing. I am managing to lose weight and taking control of my health issues.
What I like most about Aji is that she really does take her time in explaining all the movements and the benefits behind each yoga stretch. This has been a life changer for me and I feel amazing in my mind, body and health.
I would highly recommend anyone to take up the personal one to one sessions. It is a 100% unique experience. Aji thank you.

Meda C – Private Massage and Reiki Client

I had the most amazing neck, shoulder and back massage straight after my yoga session with Aji. The meditation often makes me feel totally at peace but the massage helped me to reach deeper feelings. Looking forward to my next session, thank you Aji

Aisha M – Private Meditation Client

I just wanted to say thank you. I found Aji’s approach very refreshing. I am a firm believer in meditation and mindfulness and I learnt new techniques to aid my own practice. I had 3 sessions and always leave each session with new insights and useful skills which I use pretty much every day

Denial R – Private Yoga and Meditation Client

Having practiced yoga for over 5 years now, I was searching for someone that could capture the philosophy and history of Yoga asana’s. The first time I walked into AJ’s private studio I felt so at home. She taught me new poses to enable me to reach the next level. After each session I felt stronger and I thank my body for what it can do. I appreciate my body a lot more now. She has in-depth knowledge of the poses and its benefits. Each yoga session ends with a new meditation, I am always pleasantly surprised. She has been my saving grace! Thanks a lot AJ. See you next week

Agnieska L – Private Massage and Reiki Client

The last 3 months had been very stressful for me and my good friend booked my very first Therapeutic Oil Massage and Reiki Healing with Aji to help me recover. I know Aji as I have had private yoga sessions with her (best yoga teacher) so knew I was in good hands. As always I was made to feel very welcome she has an ability of putting clients at ease and ensures you are comfortable throughout the treatment. The atmosphere with candles, fragrant oils, soft relaxing music just added to her sacred room and this was enough to send me a million miles away from stresses and worries. Her massage was professional and thoughtful asking whether the touch was the right pressure, checking out medical history etc. During the treatment I fell asleep and without disturbing me she allowed me to relax and slowly wake up again at my own pace. Her hands were very hot. It was then I told her about seeing a white light the moment she started her reiki healing. She then explained the importance of the healing light and this made me feel ecstatic! My eyes were shut but I could see white and felt like I was connecting with the solar system, something higher. After just one treatment I feel so much better in myself, happier and looking forward to each day again. I am off on holiday for 3 months and looking forward to seeing my good friend and Aji on my return to London

Meda C – Private Massage and Reiki Client

I had the most amazing neck, shoulder and back massage straight after my yoga session with Aji. The meditation often makes me feel totally at peace but the massage helped me to reach deeper feelings. Looking forward to my next session, thank you Aji

Meda C – Private Yoga and Meditation Client

Today I had a relaxing but energising private yoga and meditation session with Aji. I was taught more breathing techniques to add to my home practice! During the most amazing chakra meditation I connected with the white healing light. I experienced the light for over a minute. My eyes were closed but all I could see was this bright white light and a feeling of incredible relaxation and peace. When Aji explained the significance of this light I left feeling a great sense of calmness and achievement. I had made that mind, body and spirit connection. I am not religious but this light has encouraged me to open my eyes and become more spiritual. Thank you Aji I am very happy to call you my personal yoga teacher

R – Private Reiki and Distant Reiki Client.

Reiki allowed me to relax my body and release the tension and anxieties I had, opening up my chakras to conceive. I am deeply grateful for this journey x

Jimmy – Regular member of Abbey Leisure Centre

AJ is a very thorough Yoga teacher/instructor, her techniques & style are detailed and she is extremely patient in explaining every more & style. She has also recently introduced Meditation at the end of each Yoga class. This is an extra bonus & beneficial to all class attendees. Well done AJ, I would highly recommend her classes.


I had the most wonderful reiki healing from Aji. I am not really into alternative medicine or treatments but I have seen Aji on three occasions and I have to say each visit was more helpful than seeing a traditional source. I have insomnia and migraines. Each session gave me a greater sense of clarity and peace. My experiences have helped me to cope with some very challenging issues. Thank you Aji for taking care of me. Your room is pretty.


Aj is by far the best massage therapist I know. As a sufferer of back pain and a sporty lifestyle a regular massage is very important to me and the skill of the therapist is paramount. She completes the massage with the gently healing energy (Reiki) which is unmatched with any other form of healing massage I have tried. She not only is incredibly gifted and knows her anatomy but she has what I would call a spiritual quality. My jaw dropped when I entered the Therapy Studio, spiritually decorated it has a warm, therapeutic feel. I cannot thank Aj enough for what she has done for me.

Usha from the Elderly Class

“I always enjoy Aji’s Hatha yoga and meditation. She is an excellent teacher and her classes have really helped me mentally and physically. She is a really nice person and I am missing her and the classes. I attend the weekly sessions without fail. She showed me the correct way to use yoga straps and I practice this at home too. Her classes are at a good pace and not too fast. We practice both mat and standing positions. She creates her own meditations and I feel truly calm, happy and relaxed after the session. Her pranayama’s are very calming for the mind and she spends sufficient time demonstrating this properly. I look forward to restarting my yoga sessions”.


I had my first one to one yoga session with Aji and it was truly amazing. I loved it so much and decided to book regular sessions. The entire room is beautifully decorated adding to the wonderful therapy. Aji is a brilliant teacher, guides me through challenging, advanced postures and explains the reasons behind it. She creates her own meditations and at the end of a yoga session I feel so revitalised and happy. I practice the yoga and breathing techniques at home with confidence knowing that I am doing this correctly. I was amazed at my flexibility after regular sessions and she commented that my flexibility is better than hers! Thank you so much Aji.

Ajnu – Private one to one yoga and meditation

Aji has a pure and caring approach. She incorporates all mind, body and soul yoga principles into every single yoga session! The session always finishes with a beautiful meditation. She has inspired me to laugh like a child and supports me through all the postures. I wholeheartedly recommend Aji’s class to anyone. The best thing about Aji is that she can adapt her session to suit any age, build or fitness level you are. The yoga studio is magical! Try Aji’s one to one yoga class and you will not look back!


During the lockdown period Aji has provided free Hatha Yoga and Meditation classes to help us deal with the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic. This has especially been helpful as it provides relaxation and calm. I can practice at anytime accessing the live videos as and when required.


“ wonderful aromatherapy massage followed by my first reiki treatment, would definitely recommend”

Sotera – Abbey Leisure Centre

“Aji is an amazing yoga tutor and a lovely person. She gives clear guidance throughout the practice so you don’t have to check to see if you are doing the right thing. At the beginning of each class she always checks to see if anyone had injuries or pain and let them know how far they can go in a pose or give them any useful advice as appropriate which is very helpful. Aji always add new techniques as one progresses, I enjoy that very much, because I like to explore new challenges. Aji pays attention individually and will reposition you if needed to help you get that extra boost from that pose. I particularly love the meditation session at the end because it leaves me feeling relaxed and centered”.


“Combining massage, Reiki and meditation is the best because Aji will talk you through the breathing techniques which will help you to relax the body and mind. Aji has the perfect touch, she knew exactly what pressure to use in the different areas of my body. I did not have to ask her to change the pressure. The room was warm, I felt relaxed, perfect lighting, the neck pillow was very comfortable. The beautiful music added to the relaxation, my body and mind was so relaxed and peaceful I did not want it to end. I left with my body, mind and soul rejuvenated”.

Valsamma – Chair of the Sree Narayana Guru Mission

“We are a group of 15 ladies in Ajitha’s class. Most of them are over 60 years of age. We are all physically and mentally capable of doing her classes and enjoy every session. She is a professional and kind yoga teacher so well appreciated Aji and we are all happy. I wish her good luck for the future and may God’s Blessings guide her”.


“Aji’s Ayurvedic detox advice bought greater clarity to the mind, body and soul!”

Adi – private one to one yoga and meditation session

“Ajitha is a wonderful Yoga instructor with an excellent technique suitable for all abilities. I wanted to go to someone who not only knew about the asana’s (physical postures) but also has in-depth knowledge about the true essence of yoga. Ajitha has a wonderful knowledge of the physical and the spiritual aspects of yoga. Her sessions are truly enjoyable and offer real benefits for both both and mind. Thanks to her excellent knowhow, I was able to get real meaning behind each exercise and technique. She is very motivating, sincere, fun and friendly. I highly recommend Ajitha for anyone wanting yoga lessons. Thank you Ajitha for being an amazing yoga instructor”.


“I had the pleasure of having a reiki and body massage by Aji, it was very spiritual, calming, friendly yet professional experience. She made me feel relaxed and out of this world, relieved me of the negative energy and left me amazingly refreshed. She has truly been blessed with magical hands and would recommend her to families and friends. Give her a try and am sure you will come back for more, again and again”.

Lakshmi from the Elderly Yoga Class

“I am a regular attendee of Elderly Yoga at the Sree Narayana Guru Mission centre where Ajitha teaches Hatha Yoga and Meditation. I absolutely love her and her classes too! She makes yoga very safe helping us to stay strong, flexible, happy and relaxed. I particularly love her postures for better balance and stronger bones. I find the use of yoga straps to be very helpful in stretching my knees fully, I practice her techniques regularly at home. Her meditation is truly relaxing and completes the session. She is very patient, kind and calm. At the moment I am self-isolating due to the Coronavirus and really missing her yoga classes. I am really looking forward to restarting my sessions in the near future.. “

Awais – Abbey Leisure Centre and one to one yoga and meditation session

“I would give Ajitha’s yoga sessions a 10/10.

I enjoy Ajitha’s yoga sessions because she creates a friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere for everyone. She teaches us the arts of yoga helping us to connect with our body, mind and soul to bring peace. I have found the breathing techniques most interesting and useful for my health. After practice I notice that it brings calm to the body and mind helping me feel good. I also enjoy the cleansing breaths which really does clear the body of toxins. I like the way Ajitha guides us to use our own imagination during the meditation session, again helping to bring calmness.

Ajitha’s yoga sessions are not like any other yoga classes I have been to as she incorporates different aspects of yoga and not just the asana’s. I also enjoy stretching the muscles using the yoga straps, it helps me to stretch that little bit more without overdoing it. She really gives us an insight to yoga and provides specific techniques to help us deal with any challenges that come our way in our lives”


“I have also been doing some Hatha Yoga and meditation classes with Aji, first in her studio in Barking and also online during lockdown. Having a One to One class is perfect for me. Aji is extremely qualified and knows how to adjust her session so it benefits me the most. She explains each movement very well and makes the exercise challenging but fun. I enjoy the online classes even though they are for a diverse audience. She caters for beginners as well as for more advanced viewers and makes the session really fulfilling. I also love the meditation at the end of the class as it gives me a great workout for the body and mind. The whole package”.


“I am going to AJ’s Healing Hands with Aji for massages and reiki treatments. I have very bad back and neck pains and Aji is always asking how and where my pains are so she can adjust her massage to help me the most. She finishes the session with a Reiki healing which is pure bliss. Aji is very professional and knowledgeable. She is a kind and caring person who will take time to understand my needs and make the session a really enjoyable experience”.

Usha from the Elderly Class

“I always enjoy Aji’s Hatha yoga and meditation. She is an excellent teacher and her classes have really helped me mentally and physically. She is a really nice person and I am missing her and the classes. I attend the weekly sessions without fail. She showed me the correct way to use yoga straps and I practice this at home too. Her classes are at a good pace and not too fast. We practice both mat and standing positions. She creates her own meditations and I feel truly calm, happy and relaxed after the session. Her pranayama’s are very calming for the mind and she spends sufficient time demonstrating this properly. I look forward to restarting my yoga sessions”.


“The pains to my neck, shoulders, back and knees were much better after my first session and was completely eliminated after the third. I experienced sleep deprivation for years and slept like a newborn baby after receiving my massage and first reiki treatment from Aji. My sleep is a lot better and now feel like a new person. Thank you again you are a gift”.


“The reiki massage from my experience is the best way to get a complete recovery from any negative energies. It helped to eliminate all my stresses and anxiety. Aji also helped eliminate my mother’s body pains and sleep problem. My mother feels full of energy and I thank Aji for giving this gift to my mother”.


“I’ve always worked at jobs where I would be at the desk from 9-5 which would give me neck and back pain and now I am a full time lash tech which gives me worse neck and back pains. I have been going to AJ for a few years now and her hands are magic! They literally heal me and relieve the pain. During the massage I can feel the pain leave my body through my arms its magical”


“I love my Hatha yoga sessions with Aji which I attended by myself and with a friend. As soon as I step into her inviting studio I start to relax. Aji starts by asking if I have any areas of concern to establish which asana’s to be incorporated, or avoided, in my personalised session. She has taught me the importance of breath in yoga and I enjoy learning a wide variety of breathing techniques. Aji is professional with a beautiful personality that shines through. She explains each pose along with a detailed demonstration to ensure I work to the best of my ability. Straps and yoga blocks are available if needed. Yoga is followed by the most amazing meditation session. While I’m laying down in a super snug blanket, Aji soothingly asks me to relax, even my eyelashes relax! Under her guidance I practice visualisation and mindfulness in a controlled manner. I leave each session feeling focussed and positive, they are an essential part of my week”.

Amit and Roshni

“Aji is a committed and honest yoga practitioner. We have benefitted hugely from weekly Hatha yoga practice. It has rejuvenated the mind, body and soul. The personalised sessions have been adapted to our individual needs. Reiki sessions have been therapeutic and healing. These are one to one private sessions that have helped relieve our individual stresses”

Vicky Deputy Manager of the Vibe Youth Centre

“Members of our youth club have had the pleasure of being taught yoga by Aj. A fantastic teacher whose calming influence and patience meant nervous members felt they could participate in the classes and each week we watched their confidence grow! Our youth club has members with a diverse range of needs and disabilities and Aj adapted her sessions to make sure that all members can be included. Aj’s sessions always have a good balance of fun and relaxation which our members greatly enjoy and leave them looking forward to her next session. Would highly recommend her service – local Youth Club”.


“I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease and offered physiotherapy as a treatment.

I was advised that I might have to wait for up to nine months for treatment at an NHS hospital.

I was given Aj’s details by a friend and arranged a consultation. She reviewed my doctor’s notes and devised a program of exercises for me. Some of the exercises were undertaken in her therapy room under her guidance and other exercises were for me to undertake in my own home.

After the first treatment I could sense a reduction in the severity of the neck pain that I was experiencing.

I attended six private consultations and exercised at home, after which time I was mostly pain free.

Seeing that Aj of AJ’s Healing Hands was also a qualified yoga instructor, I asked her if she could give me private yoga classes which included the exercises I was already doing to eliminate my neck pain.

As I was a complete beginner to yoga Aj started me with gentle basic Asanas that made the whole yoga experience very enjoyable.

Even though I am now pain free I have continued with private yoga sessions and have greatly improved my fitness and flexibility.

I was eventually given an NHS physiotherapy consultation, which I attended and explained that I was pain free. The consulting doctor said that the exercises that Aj devised for me do, were the same that she would have advised and to continue with the yoga if I was enjoying it.

I am grateful to AJ’s Healing Hands for eliminating my neck pain in such a short time meaning that I didn’t have to remain in pain for six months while waiting for an NHS appointment.

I would recommend Aj’s yoga and therapy classes to all my friends”.